Monday, December 22, 2008


Oil on panel
This is the first of a painting series on car explosions, I'm not sure were I'm visually heading with them yet. I trying to combine various painting elements into the series from formal representation to abstraction.

Energy burst

oil on circuit panel

Body removal

12 color screen print on vintage paper. 1 of 10

This piece was inspired by an old gang member, he told a few of my friends in an awkward conversation that the best way to get rid of a body is to burn it in a car. he said if the procedure is done correctly dental records will become useless in identifying the remains.

These little guys vary in size and medium.

repainted landscapes

These paintings are about two years old, i repainted them after John Millei advised me to take better care of them. I stored them terribly so they got dinged up and ended up with scratches, at that point i decided to restore them.

ultraman screen print drawning

here's the sketch for the ultrizo screen print